Completely black-coloured Laser-Sintered Components made of PA12 9270 BK

Advantages at a glance

Good mechanical properties

Luvosint PA12 9270 BK allows manufacturing components with a high strength and toughness.

Dimensional stability & low warpage

Luvosint PA12 9270 BK eignet sich für kleine Bauteile These properties make it suitable not only for small, but particularly for larger components.

Broad chemical resistance

Luvosint PA12 9270 BK stands out for its good chemical resistance to fuels, lubricants, oils, solvents or salt solutions.

Low water absorption

Due to the high density of 1.00 g / cm³, the water absorption of Luvosint PA12 9270 BK is significantly lower than that of comparable sintered materials.

Fire rating UL94V-2

Luvosint PA12 9270 BK can be recycled entirely for Luvosint PA12 9270 BK meets the requirements of UL94V-2 from a wall thickness of 3mm.

International Material Data System

An IMDS entry is available for the raw material Luvosint PA12 9270 BK, so that the manufactured components can be easily entered in the IMDS database.

A more sustainable material cycle in the manufacturing process

Luvosint PA12 9270 BK can be recycled entirely for further fabrication processes to avoid generating unnecessary waste. 

Material description

Das Luvosint PA12 Material bietet wirklich schwarze Teile, da das zur Herstellung

The Luvosint PA12 material delivers truly black components because for the production a completely black-tinted powder is used. Until now, the laser-sintered black components were manufactured either with natural-nuance PA12 powder whose surface would be coloured afterwards or with a mixture of natural-nuance PA12 and carbon black powder. PA12 9270 BK has its advantages over both processes. In opposition to the black-coloured components, these parts are and remain completely black during post-processing treatments or if they are damage by scratching. Compared to the components printed with a mixture of PA12 powder with carbon black particles, this new material features better mechanical properties due to a better adhesion of the PA12 particles.

This perfectly qualifies Luvosint PA12 9270 BK not only for applications under the bonnet in the automotive sector, but also for the industrial manufacturing of black components in general. In addition, the Luvosint PA12 9270 BK material is a sustainable improvement of the already known PA12 materials without losing any mechanical properties.  Almost 50% of the unsintered residual powder generated with traditional sintering powders is waste that cannot be reused in the process. Luvosint PA12 9270 BK can be recycled entirely for further fabrication processes to avoid generating unnecessary waste.

Material properties

MaterialPA12 9720 BK* PA2200**BLUESINT**
Density [g/cm3]1,000,930,95
Flexural Modulus  [MPa]151615001150
Tensile Modulus  [MPa]174017001570
Tensile Strenght x/y-plane [MPa]494845
Tensile Strenght z-direction  [MPa]2942
Strain at break  [%]91817
Impact strenght  [kJ/m²]5253
Hardness [Shore D] 80 78 ±2 75
HDT @ 1,80 MPa [°C]90
Water absorption @ 23°C & 24h [%]0,81,33
)* This information responds to our knowledge and experience at the moment of publishing. )** Manufacutrer’s specifications 

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